Sunday, September 9, 2007


Sorry you guys! My stinky internet has been down for a bit :/.. and I've been quite busy, almost too busy to blog for awhile!
I apologize again. Hehe.

Hey you guys! :D

Anyways.. these past two weeks.. my family has been preparing for my cousins wedding (which happened yesterday...)~! They've been together since high school I hear.. congrats to them!
They even decorated their car too :o!

Anyways.. I didn't get to go to the wedding... (because I'm not a human! darn it.) Well.. Tofu came over and he was verry entertaining :].

I must say... my little nephew is pretty darn cut doncha think?
Good genes.. muahah (okay, so he isn't blood-related to me.. but he's still cute! :D)

Anyways.. here's a little video of us fighting over a sock! Yes. a sock. We're cool.

Jeez. Tofu... that little weirdo.
I go, "STOP! It'll make your breath stinky!"
He goes, "But it's so fun to play with! "
I say..., "NO!"
Darn that Tofu.. his teeth are pretty strong! (I'm not getting old am I?! Psh. Can't be!)

Oh well.. Tofu and I are off to get some doggie treats! Yum!
See you guys later!

^-- (Fake flower. Hehe.)

P.S: The bride/groom want some privacy from the blogging world. So no pictures of them will be posted. Darn it. I must tell you though.. they look so good together! :D