Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Day.

First off, I would like to thank all the other dogs out there for commenting my blog :D! Of course, it was partly due to Tofu's popularity, then again, my cuteness also plays a part, don't you think? :].

I must mention once again. I LOVE DOG TREATS. Hehe.

Aren't my teeth pretty? :D!

Anyways... today, my Dad made me do one of the things I hate to do.
Take a shower =[.
As you can see here... I absolutely HATE taking showers. My paws, my fur, and even my ears get wet! Don't you guys hate that kind of feeling? I surely do. =[.

I'm just glad that I shed my hair, unlike SOME dogs (ahem. TOFU...), who have hair that keep on growing. That must feel quite.. uncomfortable having all that wet hair around you.. hehe.

"UNFORTUNATELY...", my brother was unable to capture any pictures of me, due to the fact that I wouldn't let him take pictures of my embarrassing state.

Oh well. Once I get out of the shower, I run directly outside, into the sun where my fur will dry back to its beautiful golden state.
Here's me chasing that dog I love to chew!

Pretty dramatic eh?
Chasing that dog got me pretty tired too!

Pheww. I was panting alot you see!
I even took a nap on the grass.

Well, in the midst of the summer, I still enjoy napping in the grass, in the bright shining sun. =].
Today was just one of the days where I get to relax, (well.. maybe not so much for the taking a bath part. >_>.)

I think I'll go back to sleep.
Good night everybody!

Ling Ling.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hey There!

Oh I'm sorry... I was just waiting bright and early for my Mom to wake up!
My name is Ling-Ling, and I'm a 5 years YOUNG doggie. I'm a Pug/Pomeranian/Pekingese mix breed!
I'm pretty new to this whole blog thing, so I hope all of you will help me get used to it, with lots of comments, you know... just for ME! :D

I guess I should show my face now. Tehehe...

Yes.. that's me! Did I forget to tell you? One of my hobbies include me chewing ferociously on this little stuffed animal here.

And there's another shot! I'm pretty cute aren't I? Don't worry, I'm not too mean to other doggies! I would never bite you guys in real life :].

I also like to eat doggie treats (c'mon.. what dog doesn't like to eat those?), especially the circular kinds like these. They help me build up my strong teeth, as well as my powerful paws :D!
I simply just love gnawing on those; they taste great!
Oh, did I forget to tell you? I also have a nephew, and he goes by the name of Tofu. A silly little dog, hes a shi*-poo, as his Mom calls him. I also hear he's a pretty popular dog on these blogs, is he not?
Well, that just means I should be even more popular than he is!
Oh well.. Tofu is the best nephew you could ever have! He loves me, and I love him too!