Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is That My Toy?!

Well, today, my big brother got a new toy from his friend in JAPAN!
Guess what it is?!

Its a panda! A panda... pillow? :D

It looks cute doesn't it? Muhaha. I wanted to play with it, until I saw it in real size.
I chased it... but it kinda scared me =[.

There's a video too!

Sorry if the quality of the video is bad, my brother's camera sucks at taking video. :(
Anyways.. I was running like crazy!
It got me really tired.

Oh and today... is Thursday in Seattle! In our neighborhood, that means that its time for the garbageman to come!

Muhaha. His truck is loud, must chase him down!

Darn fence... I couldn't get to him :/.

Don't worry my friends.. I will get him next Thursday, and my new friend Panda will help me!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fleas...? It Can't Be!

Eeee. Lately, my family has been noticing me itching alot, notably around my tummy area T.T

Soooo, they bought me some flea drop thingys, which made my skin feel weird o_o.

After we put them on, my brother did some research about fleas, and also looked up the Hartz product you see here! If you go on Google, the 3rd search term (yes, below the Hartz's products main site), you see a website called hartzvictim! Apparently, its a site full of stories from people who've used Hartz products on their kitties or doggies, and bad things happening to them =(. My Dad gave me a bath the next day.

Fortunately, we don't think I have fleas (yaay!), but I probably just have dry skin. Fleas are nasty little critters aren't they? My family haven't found any fleas on me, or flea feces (that are supposed to look like pieces of black pepper).

Still, being itchy stinks :/. Hopefully after using some soothing dog shampoo, my skin will feel better? Besides, if I had fleas, they would probably jump onto my nephew, Tofu, but he's acting happy as ever!

Eh, I better not be sprouting up any fleas on me! I'll gnaw those critters to death before they touch mee! Muahah. :D

Ling Ling

P.S. I must also give a shoutout to Tofu's mommy! She's the best sister I could ever have and I love her. :D

Monday, August 6, 2007

A New House?!

Today, my family decided to go looky at a new house!
They showed me some pictures of it :]!

Apparently this is the porch, (with Tofu's mom's back in the picture)! Isn't that a great view of that lake?

The living room! That couch sure looks comfy.

My favorite part of the property...

THE POOL! Actually to be honest, I really don't like the water too much (my last post. hehe), but that pool is ginormous! My brother couldn't even fit the entire pool in the picture!

The grand price... $824,980.

Anyways, when my family came back home from the new house, they brought Tofu over! We had some fun :].

That silly little Tofu tried to pounce on me, but no worries because I got him back!

I must say... Tofu is really, STILL naked. He needs a new groomer =/.

Once Tofu left, my brother and I went outside and played with my favorite toy! Yessiree, its that stuffed dog again!

I'll be back later!

Ling Ling.

I'm thinking I need my nails cut.. don't you think?